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We are the number one choice for all your entertainment and live show event needs. We produce diverse types of shows, from high diving shows, gymnastic shows to family themed entertainment shows, packed with action, sword fights, martial arts, explosions, pyrotechnics and technical devices.

Our shows are so versatile that they can be set up to cater for a few thousand spectators for the larger theme park, or indeed for the smaller carnival, fete, sports event or private function.

All our shows are specially formatted to suit our individual clients' needs regarding all important viewpoints of the event, including culture, age groups and, most importantly - your budget!


Scotland, UK

28 Hill Road, Ballingry, Fife - KY5 8NW, Scotland, UK

This fantastic show captivates, astonishes and fascinates due to the perfect professional performances of our highly skilled performing athletes.

With the largest register of international performers, ranging from divers, acrobats, martial artists, actors and stunt performers, we provide the best combination of acrobatic, gymnastic, high diving, and action stunt shows with the best and most experienced performers worldwide.

Going from strength to strength with more than 30 years of international experience in producing and delivering diverse themed live entertainment, made to order or turnkey events which are ready to go, we will produce the shows that audiences demand.

A full turn key service can be provided for any event, whether a one day or a one year event, the process of planning, design, consulting, production, which are the key elements in any project, are moulded together, creating the unique delivery of your very own show, without all the time consuming effort of management and production on your part.

Falcon Entertainment constantly strives to set new and higher standards for the live entertainment industry. Our company credo is to continue to provide new themes with exciting new concepts to satisfy the high demands of today's sophisticated audience. Our live shows are designed to reach the widest audience and be accessible for all the family.